Snapchat For Social Good: 4 ideas to spread the message

A recent #ChatSnap focused using Snapchat for Social Good. Since Snapchat doesn’t have any native sharing ability yet (RT, RePins, Likes, etc.), it isn’t the easiest platform for your friends and followers to directly spread the word on things you care about.

All is not lost though. There are ways to help spread social good projects on Snapchat. Here are 4 quick thoughts that I jotted down after the ChatSnap.

1. Offer to let your friend do a SnapSwap or Takeover of your account. Give them 6 snaps (or 60 seconds) to tell their charitable/social-focused message to your community.

SnapSwap Time!

2. Promote their social charity with a few snaps of your own. Don’t forget to add context or “the why” so it’s clear why you feel your friends social effort is important.

3. Screenshot any links or hashtags a friend adds to their snap stories then post them on other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Manually add Snapchat links & hashtags on other networks


4. Add a personalized message via chat as a way to send info to a small number of your Snapchat friends. I wouldn’t spam all your followers, just pick a handful that you think would appreciate or rally around the charity.


Lastly, #ChatSnap is a weekly Twitter Chat about SnapChat hosted by Kris Gillentine. Join in. Details below.